Pentax 645Z Camera Body

I am not a beginner when it comes to photography. I started out in 1963 with a Minolta 16. I have tried various way to gain better image quality ever since.

When I shot film, I really always wanted a Medium format camera, but they are quite expensive. I did have a used Pentax 67, but I will say that it was a problem for me in the darkroom.

I have been shooting digital since the days of the Nikon Coolpix 5700, and have been patiently waiting for improved designs to make it to market, first APS-C half frame Nikon and then finally full frame.

Well now it’s here, and after reading everything I could find, I did buy a Pentax 645Z and a couple of lenses


The machine is simply awesome. I am not going to write a review, there are plenty of those out there. It is a game changer.

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