Rebuilding Website


I have gotten involved with trying to build this website into a meaningful place. After playing around with various options I still will use wordpress. There are so many options available there is no better way for me to move forward.

I am going to use this page as a log of events and revisions …………


  • Set up a permanently hosted domain
    • Bluehost
  • Decide on WordPress as a Content management system
  • Get a usable Image gallery system
    • NextGen free version for now
    • Lightroom Gallery upload now works
  • Review theme choice [in progress]
  • Build an Outline for content
    • See the Outline Below
  • Build content pages [not yet started]
  • Research SEO options
    • Implement strategy for SEO
    • Facebook update
    • Page with links


Main Landing Page

  1. Photography Services
  2. Travel Pages
  3. Photography Topics
  4. Photography Galleries
  5. Computer Topics
  6. Audio Video Topics
  7. Electronics Topics
  8. Art Projects
  9. Client Pages
  10. Website Status
  11. Blog
The above appear as entries in the menu, other pages are linked on each topic page, or may stand as a single page
Below these links will be a welcome to the website
A paragraph describing the client galleries
Other sections may be added or re-arranged as the site progresses

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